Production Unit

Production Unit, is responsible for print production of the Council’s Scientific Research Journals, Semi-technical periodicals, Magazines, Newsletters, Books, Monographs, Handbooks, Technical Bulletins, University Level Textbooks, Annual Reports, Research Highlights, Proceedings & other print materials in English and Hindi for the use of students, scientists, researchers, policy planners, farmers, extension personnel & general public. Other knowledge products in the e-form like e-books, online publications etc.

The Production Unit of the erstwhile P&I (Publications & Information Division) was created along with other essential units of the Council’s publishing house over the years in with the passage of time, it got strengthened and evolved to take the burden of producing Council’s Publications and Journals/Magazines. It got upgraded and modernised along with the Directorate of Information and Publications in Agriculture (DIPA) and subsequently Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture (DKMA) in January, 2011.