Business Unit

The Business unit is playing a pivotal role in revenue generation through the sale of ICAR Publications for Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture by adopting new marketing strategies since the establishment of Publication Division of ICAR. The unit is responsible for sales, marketing, promotion and timely distribution of Council’s important publications and periodicals.

In short, Business Unit’s association with a book begins at its conceptual stage when editorial department consults with us to find out the sale possibility of the book at the time of accepting the manuscripts. The real responsibility falls upon the unit when a finished book is passed on to the publications store by production department and Business Unit ensures that the collective measures are being taken up for the sale of the book.


Business Unit is responsible for planning and coordination for wider dissemination of agriculture knowledge to all the stakeholders through print and electronic mode. In addition to this, Business Unit also involves in planning of promotional activities including showcasing the informative products for enhancing visibility and exposure of knowledge products through organizing book exhibition at national and global level and developing the Business Management model for the Council towards increase of revenue generation. While implementing the sales promotion plan, the unit reaches out to the wholesalers and libraries regularly, keeping them informed about new arrivals and trade terms.